These 3 Errors Could Kill Your Listings

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Implementing this simple checklist could boost your sales by as much as 5% – essentially giving you free money (you can thank us later)!

Even the most experienced eBay Sellers find themselves falling foul of one or more of the items on this checklist from time to time.

We’ve compiled this list based on our experience of working with some of the most prolific eBay Sellers in the UK. We’ve also found some clever ways to avoid these pitfalls.

Don’t let it’s simplicity fool you – getting the basics right on your listings counts for much more than a fancy listing template or express shipping option.

OK, here’s the list:

1. ERROR: Check Spelling – It’s something that’s easy to get right but many sellers fall down on this point. The fact is, poor spelling (especially on specifications) will instantly put buyers off purchasing from you.

FIX: Run your listings through Grammarly – it’s a free service that will check your spelling and grammar. Remember as many as 1 in 10 buyers will refuse to purchase from a listing with spelling mistakes. This is an easy one to get right. If you know your spelling isn’t the best then use this free service to make sure your listings aren’t losing sales.

2. Check Photos – Are your photos grainy, poor quality and out of focus? Boost your sales by 50% or more by getting this sorted. The reality is that you only have two main ways to convince a buyer to purchase from you – Words, and Pictures. If you get the words right, but the pictures are poor buyers are less likely to trust your listing and will question the quality of the products being sold. Boost your listings performance with our fix below…

FIX: If you have any really poor quality photos then get rid now. Where possible use stock photos from the manufacturer, where this is not possible, use a smartphone or good quality digital camera to take some clear photos of the products you are selling. Photograph the products on a plain white background, if practical. Avoid using a patterned floor or wooden table background, as this is distracting to the buyer.

3.ERROR: Check Fonts & Colours. We see countless listings losing sales because of outdated content, that uses comic sans font, or too many colours or too many different font sizes. In order for your listing to be most attractive to buyers, you’ll need to be consistent with your presentation.

FIX: Use no more than three font colours and no more than three font size for headings, subheadings and content. Always use the same font throughout the listing to avoid your text looking messy or unprofessional. If you find a lot of your text is in an unusual font colour (blue, red or green) then changeover to black and avoid overuse of bold text.

Use this checklist to ensure that your listings meet the high standards that buyers have come to expect both on your eBay listings and your website.

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Martina Sanchez is an expert on eBay Selling and has successfully founded and sold several eBay businesses. Martina leads the multi-channel integration team at Pippa Digital, working closely with merchants to expand their ecommerce operations by moving sales to in-house systems.

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