Are You Caught in the eBay Trap?

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Like many of you seasoned eBay sellers out there, I was once caught in ‘the eBay trap’.

It’s a kind of mental state that has you believing that eBay is the ‘be all and end all’ of your online business. The truth is, if you are trading successfully on eBay, then you almost certainly could be trading double or triple the volume if you use other online channels.

So why do so many eBay sellers fail to take the next step and move their online business forward?

It really boils down to the the ‘ebay trap’ state of mind. Sellers start to believe that they are a success because of eBay instead of on their own merits. Put simply, they believe that eBay is the source of their success, not themselves.

This is a damaging state of mind, because the truth is, if you are selling successfully on eBay it is because you are a talented marketer – the platform you use, eg. eBay is just that – a platform.

Once you realise that you are the source of success you instantly realise that by increasing the number of channels you trade from, you can rapidly increase your sales too.

Armed with this information, most sellers jump on the Amazon bandwagon and hope to achieve success this way. While this is a perfectly sound move, many sellers are disappointed with the results – the fact is, just moving to Amazon is not enough.

If you really want to double or triple your sales, you need to look at getting your own website. Why? Well, with your own website, you have the potential to get your products in front of millions of buyers through Google. 

So, don’t get caught in the ‘eBay trap’. Make sure that you move your business forward starting with the development your own online store.

Want even better results? 

If you are serious about expanding your online business, then you must have your own online store. If you already have an online store, but its not working, it’s likely that you have not had your website built by eCommerce experts.

At Pippa Digital, we specialise in working with eBay sellers to establish and grow their online businesses. We’ve helped thousands of eBay sellers reach the next level, and we could help you too. Why not take advantage of a no-obligation chat with one of our expert consultants?

We’ll help you map out a plan for success for your online business that achieves your growth goals for 2015/16…

Martina Sanchez is an expert on eBay Selling and has successfully founded and sold several eBay businesses. Martina leads the multi-channel integration team at Pippa Digital, working closely with merchants to expand their ecommerce operations by moving sales to in-house systems.

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