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You may have heard, Google have changed the game yet again, putting eBay sellers on the back foot, with this new hidden requirement for eBay seller listings.

Google is a very important source of your eBay sales. So, if you want to maintain or increase your eBay sales in the long run, then you must play nice with Google. 


Luckily, most of the work is done for you by eBay, but there is a little known requirement, that if missed, could be catastrophic for your eBay sales.

That little requirement is known as the Unique Product Identifierand if you don’t have them on your listings, you will be penalised…


Yes folks, while the UPID is not a mandatory requirement, it is essential if you want your listings to be picked up by the big search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo. Furthermore, implementing UPIDs on your listings will ensure your products show up higher in eBay searches as well!

What is a UPID?

Virtually every product manufactured within the last 10 years, has some sort of unique identifier. This is usually a number, printed under a barcode of an item or item packaging.

For books, the unique identifier is the International Standard Book Number (ISBN).

For American products it is known as the Universal Product Code (UPC).

For European items it is known as European Article Number (EAN).

For all other items, it will be Manufacturer Part Number (MPN).

Collectively these codes are known as Unique Product Identifiers or UPIDs.

Where can I find the UPID of my products?

The UPID of your product will usually be located on the packaging, or if the item is electronic, it may well be laser printed onto a sticker, on the base of your product.

What Does the UPID Look like? 


The UPID is normally located underneath or in close proximity to the barcode of a product. Take a look at the product and you will no doubt find it.

If you are struggling, you can try to locate the UPID of your product on Google.

How do I add the UPID to my listing?

The way in which you add the UPID to your listing depends on how you manage your listings. If you use the standard eBay site to upload your products then enter the UPID under the field marked ‘MPN’.


If you use Turbo Lister to manage your products, then you will enter it under the UPC field.


What effect will it have?

Once the correct UPID has been entered onto your listing, you can expect the search engines to start picking up the changes within 72 hours. Once the changes have been logged, you can start to see your listings appear higher in the eBay search results, as well as in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Want even better results? 

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Martina Sanchez is an expert on eBay Selling and has successfully founded and sold several eBay businesses. Martina leads the multi-channel integration team at Pippa Digital, working closely with merchants to expand their ecommerce operations by moving sales to in-house systems.

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