eBay loses 80% traffic from Google in last 12 months – Big win for independent online stores

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If your eBay sales have been lagging a little over the last year then this could be the reason why.

Late last year Google introduced a new search filter that actively removes eBay products listings from search results.

Coupled with eBay’s falling spend on Google AdWords, this has amounted to eBay receiving around 80% LESS traffic than previous years.

The update was codenamed ‘Panda’ and it looks to have cost eBay around $200million in sales so far…

While eBay has taken some steps to address the fall in traffic, the fact remains that many eBay sellers are feeling the pinch with falling sales and lower conversions on their eBay listings.

So what has happened to the 80% of traffic that used to go to eBay?

Simple, it’s going to smaller, independent eCommerce websites. The kind of online stores that are more often than not, run by ex-eBay Sellers.

This is not a purposeful move on behalf of Google, it’s just that eBay results were competing for top position with much smaller independent online retailers. Naturally, as the eBay results have been removed, they have been replaced by smaller independent stores.

This has meant a huge increase in sales from smaller online retailers – particularly in the branded goods arena, with one cycling accessories store seeing a surge of 432% in this year’s sales.

The trend is set to continue as Google continually refines their algorithms to improve the users search results and experiences as they interact with the search engine.

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Martina Sanchez is an expert on eBay Selling and has successfully founded and sold several eBay businesses. Martina leads the multi-channel integration team at Pippa Digital, working closely with merchants to expand their ecommerce operations by moving sales to in-house systems.

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