Social Media Marketing Services

An effective social media presence will increase loyalty among your existing customers and generate new customers for your business.

Social Media Marketing Services

Pippa Digital can manage all aspects of your social media presence. Social is a vital ingredient in the marketing mix, affecting everything from your brand strategy through to customer service and direct marketing. 

The aim of every good social media campaign is to increase brand awareness, drive sales, acquire new customers, and increase customer loyalty. Pippa Digital can offer your business a 100% hands-free approach to social media by managing everything for you.

So What's included? Everything you see on the right hand side of this page plus much more. In the first instance we will generate content which will engage potential customers online. We will interact with your customers and build your brand, all the while generating demand for your products and services and creating a buzz around your brand.

The fact is, social media is an essential part of your online presence, if you haven't got the time, let us do it for you!

Drive Sales & Attract New Customers

By creating compelling and engageing content, your potential customers will be keen to engage with your brand. This is the first step in driving online sales through social media.

Setup & Custom Profile Design

We'll create and brand your company social media pages with images and graphics including your company logo and key messages. The profiles will give customers an excellent impression of your business.

Brand Monitoring

Using cutting edge social media tools, we'll improve your business' reputation, detect and record every mention of your brand, and help you to find new revenue opportunities in the social stratosphere. 

Social Media Management

Let us update your social media profiles weekly, daily or hourly, to ensure your customers always find fresh and relevant content. Our managed service means that your business is constantly engaging with new and potential customers without you having to lift a finger!

Ready to Get Social?

We're ready to get your business levearging the power of social media. Take 30 seconds to pop your details over to us or pick up the phone and we'll be more than happy to help you.

We respond to all messages within 24 hours!